Nantucket Historical Association

A Window to the Past:

19th Century Historic Visualization


Goal 1: Harbor Visualization | Steamboat Wharf

The client wanted to show museum-goers what  it might have looked like to be standing from the rooftop of the Whaling Museum looking out towards the sea in the 19th Century. 

Challenge 1: Find out which buildings went where

Solution 1: Combine/overlay maps from the 19th century with present-day Google maps of the area. 

Combined information/elements included:

︎ Google Maps                    ︎ Google Street View
︎ 19th Century fire maps    ︎19th Century cartographs   

Challenge 2: Find out which buildings existed when

︎ I noticed lighthouse in Brant’s Point was in different locations depending on the year that the photos were taken. 

This is how I approximated the dates of the unlabeled photos:

Solution 2: Generate data points based around 1880-1890.

Our team constructed a new map corresponding to exact buildings/placements from the photos we could find.

Goal 2: Create a Cinema 4D Render

Using this map, we could then build out the harbor with precision.
The client also provided us with some textures and assets they wished to use:

We placed the assets in specific locations based on the photos we had labeled.

Deliverables: 360° Still Image

Can be viewed an AR viewfinder on the rooftop of the NHA Whaling Museum 


Experienced from a VR headset, anywhere.

Nantucket Harbor

Summer 2021 Internship

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