Organic music
just took on
a whole new meaning

Electricity is a Voice ︎

[Bioelectric Sonification]

▹ Electrodes measure microfluctuations
in the plant’s water and electricity,
then graphs that biodata
as a continuous wave.

▹ That data wave is translated into sound

Plum Organics Challenge

It can take 10-15 tries before an infant or toddler learns to like a new food or taste. It’s one of the biggest hurdles parents face early on when feeding their kids.


︎ Music stimulates the same areas in the brain as time and speech processing.

︎ Sound accelerates the development of the prefrontal cortex in infants and toddlers.

︎ 85% of kids end up loving a food after it’s been given to them every day for a week. 

...What if we could turn that into a fun experience?

Experience a symphony of flavors

with biodata!

Each ingredient will have a unique sound based on how it tastes, so each Plum product will sound totally different!

Kids can watch and listen as they learn about the food they enjoy from Plum Organics.

︎ Launch new experiences featuring each flavor directly from your phone or smart device!

︎ Fruits and vegetables have a voice, so we’ll let them sing on Tiktok reels and Spotify playlists!

︎ We’ll also curate a YouTube playlist featuring music videos for each product flavor.

Let’s make it easy for parents and fun for kids to try new flavors, all while having an unforgettable experience!